22+ Men's Fashion Elizabethan Era

22+ Men's Fashion Elizabethan Era. Men's fashion in the elizabethan era was much different than the fashion now because back then, the tailors had many. Women's outfits depended on factors like age, back ground, family and taste.

Elizabethan Era Theatre Costumes Flash And Inventiveness
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All the pictures of elizabethan fashion on this page are in the public domain. Men's and women's clothing in the times of good queen bess. As you know, in the elizabethan era there were many lower and higher class men.

Escorting the elizabethan lady would be the stylish gentleman wearing boots, shirt, a fitted jacket, hose, breeches (pants) men's clothing was as colorful as that of the ladies, but men wanted to look manly so they wore clothing in the shape of armor with broad shoulders, broad hips, and narrow waists.

Clothes worn during the era was influenced by geometric shapes. Length of hair varied throughout the elizabethan era. Simply by being a woman, elizabeth alters men's fashion. Copyright free images of elizabethan fashion from my personal collection for you to use in your art work.